Christmas True Religion

In 2002, True Religion emerged onto the Los Angeles denim scene by blowing up the construction of the classic five pocket jean.

True Religion Jeans After Aime Leon Dore teased the collection last week , the lookbook for NY Navy is now here in all its glory. Dropping this Thursday, ALD's latest draws on the navy and military for inspiration (no fucking shit), as olive and blue make up the majority of the sizable twenty-two pieces comprised of ALD's signature take on basics. Bombers, popovers, sweats, cargos, it's all here. But let's focus on these cargo pants for a quick second. Talk about fucking peak. The huge, exaggerated ankle cuff shooting out of the hem with the seamless cargo pocket on the side of the leg is a fire twist on the niche cargo pant revolution we're currently in the midst of. And don't even worry about the jackets. Those come with the raised pockets to add a different dimension and, of course, they're equipped with double zippers. As if you even have to ask. You might not be going to war, battling trolls on the timeline notwithstanding, but you'll feel comfortable enough that you could assuming you weren't a gigantic pussy. NY Navy is all very cohesive and connected, which we've come to expect from Teddy. Seriously fam, I can't stop leering at those fucking pants. The whole collection will be exclusively available at the brand's pop-up shop at 179 Mott St. in New York City, which is open 10am-8pm from April 9th through 13th.?If you're not in NYC, you'll be able to scoop it up on ALD's website on the 13th.

Christmas True Religion,