Christmas Jeans TR

In 2002, Jeans TR emerged onto the Los Angeles denim scene by blowing up the construction of the classic five pocket jean.

First off, no, probably not. Unless it's the dress code for work or school, in which case, you're the exact opposite of powerful. Get back to the fucking fryer, Eric.

Christmas Jeans TR, Secondly, FOUR PINS IN? THE NEW YORK TIMES ?ALERT. The ? Times talked to a few people about wearing a uniform for a story in their brand spanking new Men's Style section and highlighted the preferences of a few interesting people, including one Lawrence Schlossman, the invisible menswear snob who actually runs Four Pins even though you've only seen, like, three bylines from him in the past year, which also probably explains why he only gave The Times eight fucking words. What a dickhead.

For some reason, these guys are part of a confident fraternity comprised of men who are able to wear the exact same thing every single day and not only get away with it, but thrive because of their uniformity. I don't think they actually have fraternity meetings or anything, but it's pretty clear that these dudes are super fucking rich. And if you're rich, you can do pretty much anything you want without anyone, except maybe other rich people, doing anything about it.

Christmas Jeans TR Our own EIC says that it's about knowing these people for things other than their clothes, which is basically true, I guess. But also so goddamn boring. I just like to think that if you can wear the same thing each and every day, you've got a cushy job (thank you? Complex for you complete and utter lack of anything remotely resembling corporate culture) or you're checking account somehow has more than four digits in it at any given time.

True Religion Slim Fit Jeans Mens Canada [ Photos via? The New York Times ]