Christmas TR Jacket

In 2002, TR Jacket emerged onto the Los Angeles denim scene by blowing up the construction of the classic five pocket jean.

Everyone's favorite site that just makes shit up as it goes along¡Xno, not Four Pins¡X the Daily Mail reports that if you're around ISIS and you've got on skinny jeans, you are going to be thrown into jail. The Mail is calling this a crackdown on hipsters, which actually doesn't sound all that bad until you remember who the fuck we're dealing with here.?This is specifically happening in Syria, so I don't figure that the Four Pins audience is at too big of a risk, but if you're one of the teens who are just up and leaving to join, make sure you buy yourself a new pair of swagless pants on your way over. So, what exactly happens when ISIS thinks your jeans are too skinny? Well, that's a ten-day jail sentence for you (relatively chill when, again, you remember WHO THE FUCK WE'RE DEALING WITH HERE), at the end of which you'll have to take a test in order to be released. Seriously.

Christmas TR Jacket, Have you ever read Four Pins once?

Uh, no, I have not.

Christmas TR Jacket You're free to go.

[ Photo via Pixgood ]

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