Christmas TR Sale

In 2002, TR Sale emerged onto the Los Angeles denim scene by blowing up the construction of the classic five pocket jean.

True Religion Becky Big T Stretch - Wildcat Medium Womens The homies at UPXUNDR have put out a few pieces of note recently, most specifically for our money, a pair of dope cargo pants because cargo pants are fucking back. According to creative director, Jon Manimtim, the brand has also got a lot of traction on its tees, but wanted to really get shit right with a full collection. So it did just that and what you see before you is UPXUNDR Collection 1. A solid rotation of popovers, hoodies, tees, cargos and a worker's jacket, it's a nice selection of stuff you're either already wearing or want to wear. The brand wants keep things affordable, which it most definitely is with prices ranging from $50-$220. Everything is available for pre-order directly from UPXUNDR ?and will show up in about a month. The hoodies come complete with a hidden interior kangaroo pocket with side seam entry and the cargo pants are once again fucking killer, tapered really nicely below the knee for a slim leg that can stack up real nice and an elastic waistband because, above everything, you should be eating good out here.

Christmas TR Sale,