Christmas True Religion Jacket

In 2002, True Religion Jacket emerged onto the Los Angeles denim scene by blowing up the construction of the classic five pocket jean.

The Fine Bros love to publish these YouTube videos where today's teens react to things that they weren't alive for. Oh man, the Internet sure is crazy! In the wake of all the coverage JNCO's relaunch is getting, they asked the children”X these keeeeeeeds ”Xif they'd ever heard of or seen a pair of JNCOs before. And of course they fucking haven't or else they wouldn't have made the cut for this humorous video clip!

Christmas True Religion Jacket, True Religion Brand JNCOS? they all asked, not knowing any better because they're young and stupid. You're goddamn right, JNCOs. I mean, I get it. 14 to 16-year-olds probably wouldn't be aware of such a sartorial relic. But those in the 19-year-old range? Really, guys? How could those holding on to that teen label for dear life not have heard of JNCOs in all their years on this dying rock we call Earth? Maybe my age is showing, but I refuse to believe this. My guy Seth can't figure out what to do with himself and I'm worried Ethan is about to have a fucking panic attack at the size of the pockets. TURN DOWN, ETHAN. IT'S GOING TO BE OKAY. I PROMISE. And, like, how strung out on Adderall do you have to be that your initial reaction is to stick your head into the jeans? Anyway, JNCO might want to pay attention to all this because as much as their relaunch hinges on drunken nostalgia, the youth is still the future of any brand's success. And, um, newsflash, teens have no idea what the fuck JNCOs even are.