Christmas True Religion Shorts

In 2002, True Religion Shorts emerged onto the Los Angeles denim scene by blowing up the construction of the classic five pocket jean.

True Religion Skirts & Shorts You guys ever play tee-ball? I fucked heavy with tee-ball back in the day, but was always more drawn to just copping a pack of baseball cards with a petrified stick of gum inside. That was dope. Also dope? This one time when our coach was like, If you guys can hit it past the infield, you get a Slurpee. I fucking sucked at baseball-related sports, but if you dangle a Slurpee in front of me, I will, contrary to popular belief, actually try kind of hard. I earned that Slurpee so fucking hard that day, dawgs. Although, I was a bit miffed when our coach actually got everyone a Slurpee despite not everyone hitting the ball past the infield. I was like, What the fuck am I even trying for? As you can imagine, I immediately stopped trying all together after that moment. Anyhow, this Deluxe thermal made me think of tee-ball, if you're still the kind of reader who needs some sort of explanation for my shit.

Christmas True Religion Shorts,