Christmas True Religion T-shirts

In 2002, True Religion T-shirts emerged onto the Los Angeles denim scene by blowing up the construction of the classic five pocket jean.

As one of hip hop¡¦s most enigmatic figures , MF Doom has established a persona almost as intriguing as his music. From multiple aliases, masked performances, and even hiring imposters to take his place , the super villain has proved he knows a thing or two about mystery. So it makes sense that he would reunite with Akomplice for a mysterious collaboration set to launch this month.

Christmas True Religion T-shirts, Similar to their partnership in 2011, this new venture is based on the allure of the unknown. Four years ago, the rapper and streetwear brand released a nailed-shut wood crate?with undisclosed contents. Customers were then required to use a co-branded crowbar to open the box, which was carrying items like exclusive tees, a pocket watch, a compass, and a cassette tape featuring an unreleased track. But the most interesting item within the crate was a treasure map that led customers to even more items from the collaboration.

It was a pretty elaborate project the first time around, but we¡¦re expecting this upcoming release to be even crazier.

Christmas True Religion T-shirts All we know now is that instead of a crate, the items will be inside a silver-and-black bag, which will be available for pre-order at noon EST this Sunday. If you¡¦re intrigued, you¡¦ll want to make your way to Akomplice's online store fast, as there is only a 24-hour window to cop.

You can check out images of the mystery bag below.

True Religion Straight Leg Jeans [ via Akomplice ]